First blog post

As a first post I would like to state how excited I am to be starting this and sharing my life and passions with you guys!

My goal on this page is to help share my passions, my stories, struggles and joys. I don’t want to make this into a diary but I do want to share my life, my love for photography keeps me going and I love to make people feel beautiful through them, that is my common goal when going out to shoot. To show people how beautiful they are, to show them how others around them are seeing them, as they are, beautiful.

My name is Ashes Of Beauty, I got this name from a close friend that knows a little about what its like to rise from the ashes, to actually see herself for how beautiful she really is, and I hope that I can show all of you that as well! There is nothing wrong for seeing yourself as beautiful and taking hold of that.

I never want anyone to be scared of nervous to leave me a comment or email me about struggles, life, anything! So feel free to comment or email me anytime, i’m always here to listen and help promote self love. I don’t want anyone to feel judged for leaving a comment, so please know that It wont be something taken lightly, we are all human and we all deserve respect from each other.

I hope that you all read and love my blog, i’ll be as active as possible, life is hectic but I will always try to stay connected as much as possible!

Remember you are all Beautiful! Don’t forget it.:)

xx Sheena xx



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