Now why would someone feel the need to bring up such a topic like reverence?

A topic of respect and kindness. Because…

As only a senior in high school I have seen a lot. A lot more than maybe a high school senior should see, I have heard more things come out of high schoolers mouths than should ever come out of them. Vulgar, and horrible things that should never be said, yet the things that they say to others, that they say to people that they hardly even know has made me see how messed up this world is.

Teens these days seem to hide behind little screens and push others to the brink of suicide, they push them down and down through that tiny little screen till that person/persons can not take it anymore. But what is the point in that? What is the point in making another human being feel like they don’t matter in this world? Like the only choice left to make for themselves is to just give up. As a society isn’t the point to raise each other up, not tear each other down?

We should never say something as “Go kill yourself” or even something so simple as calling them a bitch, whore or a slut. To never feel the need to constantly push each other down and harass one another, and for what satisfaction. Depression and suicide are two completely surreal things that should never be taken lightly, yet high school students still continue to push the limits on these topics. To push the limits on their peers just to feel better about themselves.

But again I ask, what is the point?

I ask that you ponder these things and comment what you think, or if you yourself are going through depression or if you have a struggle that you just need to talk about feel free to email me. Im all ears.

Goodnight loves ❤

xx Sheena xx


One thought on “Reverence

  1. Great post, Sheena. I think too often many feel safe behind computer screens or behind cells phones and use this as a way to bully in ways we never have experienced before. Less than 15 years ago, you had to confront someone face-to-face in order to say these things. I can’t say that I was always a nice person, but I firmly believe that everyone deserves respect. Respect for their ideas. Respect for their purpose. Respect for their beautiful life.



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