Showing You Some of Me:

Today, were going to change the mood up a bit! The past few have been a little… Tense. So today I’ll just kinda show you some of the things that I love and love to do:)

I absolutely LOVE to photograph people!

Ashes of beauty is my name for my photography, hopefully to be my business name, senior, couple and family photography are my more experienced and specialty areas. Ashes of beauty picked apart in a way is that; from the ashes rises the beauty, you find it within. I want the people I photograph to see and feel how beautiful they really are from someone else’s eyes.

Not only do I enjoy people photography but once in a while I like to play with some still life/random  as well! It’s amazing to see the work that God has done through us as well as the earth we live on.

I also have some pretty great friends. Ups and downs no matter what were there for each other, all of us have differences, none of us are the same but that’s okay, thats how it works. I love them all very much and I don’t know what I would do without these people, I’ll always be here.

My little family. These three are my life. I don’t know what I would have done without Baily in my life, but now that she’s gone she’s passed me onto brad and now Ellie. Its our little family and they are my best friends. I can’t imagine going through life without them, they keep me going and brads been here for me for over two years, through everything. He’s my rock, my strength.

Ive always been a people person, i’ve always loved to talk and get to know people. So heres the deal, comment on the bottom of this, tell me something about you! Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can always just contact me!

Till next time.

xx Sheena xx


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