I’m sorry.

That’s usually how someone asking for forgiveness starts a conversation with you. For me, that’s not exactly how they go.

Forgiveness and saying you are sorry are probably one of the two hardest things for people to say to each other. People shy away from saying them when they should.

I find myself forgiving people that I then later say, ‘I should really stop forgiving you’. But I don’t, I continue to forgive the people that hurt me and others time after time, after time. Nothing truly changes, you just try making yourself feel better by saying you forgive them and then you yourself try moving on without them saying those words you think should be so easy to say.

I get it, it’s hard as hell to tell someone you are sorry, it’s almost like taking a hit to your pride, you don’t see how you’re in the wrong. Or you feel that they maybe deserved it. But do they?

I’ve been harassed. Been tossed around like a rag doll by a lot of people in my life. Never once have I heard them say ‘I’m sorry’. But in my mind I have forgave them. I have moved on to forget those hurtful things. It does no good to dwell on the past and the people who have hurt you, whether they realize it or not.

So just a word of advice. Start saying your sorry, start telling people that you forgive them, and MOVE ON! Stop holding on to those things. Don’t ruin a friendship or family tie over a petty thing.

Just some thoughts on my mind:)

xx Sheena xx



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