So, I love to do this thing where it involves a camera, a car and people to use as models. Photography is one of my most favorite passions, and today I really want to just show you some of the things I can do.

The other day I went out with an amazing girlfriend of mine, her names Kirsten and let me tell you, she is one of the most down to earth and surreal human beings I have ever met. She’s got this really neat punk, innocent, amazing personality, and these pictures show through with some of those things.

We went down town randomly the other day just to hang out, have a good time and take some of what i would say, are some pretty great pictures. and I swear we walked over 10 miles, we almost walked 3 miles just to get to one wall to take pictures, turns out that stupid wall was only 5 blocks from where we had been originally. We both felt real dumb.

So another thing about Kirsten, she is gorgeous! She made it so easy to go out and take some amazing photos, there was no forced smiling, it was all so real.

Kirsten and I went out to town not knowing what to expect, and it turned out that she was an amazing model, catching all the funny, and yet some serious moments.


Next: A couple. I absolutely enjoy catching the love between two people, whether its engagement photos or just a couple wanting to get some photos.

Joe and Kayla were so gracious enough to let me photograph some pretty cute moments, a young couple in love. Tons of laughs as Joe could not end the silly faces when he looked at her.:)

Couples are so much fun to be around when they know how to make each other laugh and smile. Theres nothing better than catching the smiles that are not forced upon them for pictures.

Next is Family; I currently do not have a bunch of Family photos I have taken, but here are a few from the Paulson family;

They are currently the only family that I have done, and also one of the first photo shoots I ever had lined up. With my mentors help I have see and worked on tons of things for family photography, and hope to have more family photo shoots soon.

I am open to Seniors, Couples and Family photography; sessions can be set up by contacting me through here or my work email;

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

xx Sheena xx


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