Let me give you all a lesson on something important.

Do NOT go on a long board down a hill with the wind to your back pushing you down then all around. Because then you fall. Hard. Not a smart idea.img_2965

Yes we did have fun. Buuuttt, on the second gorgeous day of long boarding, the wind was bad, we were going down a hill, she fell then I fell. She lunged herself into the grass, and I. Well. I lunged into the concrete. Ducked into a ball rolled and skid down 20 feet, finally came to a stop, and then got hit in the head with my still ever going longboard.

Fun! Am I right???  Its safe to say the next day i’m sore, my elbow and knee cut up and swollen to no end, and the rest of my body sore just from the impact. We both got back up after I laid in the middle of the street for a good five minutes, and started going again. We got back up and tried again, neither of us fell again that day. But we learned a good lesson to think about where and what we were doing first, and always to warm up before taking on the big one:)

My life lesson. Don’t get cocky. It ends you in a bad place. Stay on your board and just keep going, don’t let anyone knock you down.

Anyways, thank you guys have a good day!

xx Sheena xx


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