Friends are difficult. They pull you one way, then the other. All in all, at some point you become conflicted whether you actually want to even continue having friends, lol.

You have different types of friends. You have a best friend, the one that’s basically clipped to your hip, a sister/brother type of friendship. You bicker and fight like siblings, but you almost can’t live without them. The type of friend that you go over to their house and instantly open their fridge, you eat all their food and yet their mom still continues to allow you to come over. The one that if ones upset the other is instantly upset with you, if someone hurt you then you’re instantly looking to beat someone up.

Then you have your school friends. The ones that you only ever see in school, you talk but never about anything that matters. I mean you see them in the store and you might say hi, but some duck out of your sight before you get the chance to say anything. But you’re okay with that because you don’t really know each other anyways.

There are more types of friends that I’m sure you could think of, church friends, work friends, etc. But again you never see them other than when you’re at work or church. Maybe those are your friends that you actually hang with, the ones to see movies or go ice skating, whatever you guys do.

Why am I talking about friends? Well, you’re going to have to watch for my next blog post to find out!

Thanks guys and I hope that you’re all having a wonderful day!

xx Sheena xx


2 thoughts on “Friendships.1

  1. I love this post! Friendships are quite a prevalent topic for me right now because I’ve been struggling with them, but just remembering what I have is helping me!


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