Friendships. Hey guys a continuation of what the meaning behind my last blog post was and is about. I’m sorry this one is so late, today got super busy and I lost track of time! So let’s just kind of jump into this.

I talked and hit basis on what different types of relationships and friendships are out there, and don’t get me wrong there are more that I didn’t talk about, but I just wanted to hit on a few. I want to hit basis on some friendships in my life. I am struggling to come up with a way to connect the two posts.

I’ve got my reaper, ( and no not a real reaper, reaper is her nickname). She’s beautiful and smart, she is talented beyond belief, and probably one of my closest friend that I have got. We go for car rides a lot. Life is shit and we kinda take that as an advantage, looking on the positive side and yet at the same time sulk in self-pity until we help pull each other head out of our ass and talk about shit. She writes. And man, I mean the highest respect for her when I read through things she has said or comes up with, the way her words flow on paper or from her mouth puts me into awe every single day. She has probably got to be one of the most down to earth people I have ever met, she’s so real and raw and I could not ask for someone any more perfect than her.

KP is next, if you guys know me personally you will kind of already know who I am talking about from her nickname. KP, I’ve called her that for a long while now, and like I talked about reaper, she is so beautiful! I can say she has been my best friend for almost three years. Separated for a while, but now coming back and hopefully stronger than before, she knows how to put a smile on my face, make me laugh when I’m down. And I will say she is the best friend type from my previous post. I go over and we go instantly to the fridge or her bed because sleep is life. She is real and amazing, were both growing up together to be the young women we intend to be and were learning together some of the hardship of life and which battles to fight instead of trying to make everything just one big fight. We both know that no matter what happens we have been and always will be there for each other.

You might ask why I picked these two to just randomly talk about.

I wanted to talk about these two because of how real the two of them are. Both bringing different stories into my life and helping shape some with me as well. Some I never thought that would ever be a part of my life when thinking back looking to the future. I will say I do not regret anything with them, they have taught me so many lessons and so many things in life that I would never of learned or am going to learn with them.

Friendships. They bring ups and downs, toss you from left to right and crisscrossed, up and around. It’s like a roller coaster, and you almost never know what’s going to happen until you’re already facing it, and here’s what I have learned, and that’s to be happy with what you have right in front of you. Don’t throw it away because of self-greed, focus on the positives that are sitting right there in front of you, because I have been through a lot, and honestly I would not want to do it without my friends by my side, especially KP and reaper. No matter what I know that I have the both of them by my side and I will always be grateful to God for putting them into my life the way that they did.

Sorry for just going on tonight, I’ve been super tired lately! I hope that you guys enjoyed listening to a bit about my friends! Feel free to leave comments and tell me about your best friend!
Goodnight lovelies.

xx Sheena xx


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