Such a powerful word.

Hate. What do you think about when you hear this word?

Sadness? Hurt? Anger? Aggression? Darkness?

As I grew up that word was always taught as a word of death, when you say it, in God’s eyes it was another form of murder. It was said that when you used it you just stabbed that person in the heart till they bled out. What a horrible thing to be told as a kid right?

I never quite understood what my parents would mean and why they would tell me that at such a young age. It never really registered in my mind until I was in middle school when the world really opened up. I was a little 7th grader, going through life with older friends, all in high school two years ahead of me. I was learning things in life a lot faster than the friends I sat next to in my classrooms, never being able to relate to them in many ways and not being able to talk to my older friends about things without them thinking I was just a young kid being dumb, because though I knew a lot I was still immature.

Hate. “I hate her”, “I hate that my mom won’t let me go out”, “He hurt me, I hate him”.

Tons of kids say these things and it’s not even just kids saying these types of things, in fact, it continues into the adult world. If you sit and listen, people watch, you will hear the word hate in so many conversations going on around you, even if it’s about a color that they say “I hate”.

People use words without thinking of the meaning behind the words coming out of their mouth, without thinking of the consequences or recourses that come from the words that they use. Like I stated before, the word hate comes with the feeling of being stabbed in the heart, yet as human beings, we tend to say it like it means nothing. Though the people its being said to or about hurts more than they will let on. And I will tell you that I have personally been hurt by that word and recently, it’s not something that’s taken lightly.

So why do you say it?

I want to challenge you guys, I want to challenge you to think about the words that you say before saying them, and to avoid using the word hate. Use different words in the place of hate, “I dislike her”, “This color is honestly my least favorite”. There are so many things you could say in place of that word, honestly, there is no need to say it anyways. So I want to challenge you guys, and let me know how it goes by commenting! Pay attention to what you say and see how often the word hate leaves your mouth.

Thanks guy, have a wonderful day!

xx Sheena xx


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