Bad and unhealthy habits. Sinful, immoral, cruel, rude;

Those are just part of what is said in the definition of the word vice/vices;

What do I consider or think of the word vice? It’s not a very common word, though I think of something that helps me cope, or helps others cope. I think of the things people do to try getting through something, like their anxiety or stress, how they themselves feel relieved of the pain they are going through. This makes you feel like you are in control of that situation. There are many types of ways and reasons that people do this, that they try and take things into their own hands and try making things a little more bearable.

Tattoos are one prime example of how people cope with some things, they go into a tattoo parlor with the intention of getting a tattoo whether it means something or not. Some people find the pleasure in the feeling of pain, a needle going in and out of your skin. Then finding that satisfaction in the fact that they now have a piece of art on their skin. This now leads me into my next one.

Self-harm. This is one that is growing rapidly in the united states as a coping mechanism for mental and physical pain, especially in teens and young adults. The feeling of a blade or scissors, really anything that will break open their skin, in their hands giving them the feeling of control. Whether it’s breaking their skin open to see red beads run down their arms or legs, or beating themselves down in maybe just their mind. But nobody else sees it, this one is private, they don’t let other people inside.

Vices are not something that is only painful. Take blogging or a journal for example, and now you’re probably thinking, “how does this fit into a vice if it’s supposed to be something negative”. I’m gonna kinda shy away from the word vices and kind of focus on coping. Both of the above things are used by many, they use them to shy away from what is really around them. Blogging or journaling gives a sort of venting feeling, sometimes to let others read it gives them the opportunity to meet or read what someone else like them goes through. It gives them a sense of closure to know that they are not the only ones going through what they are.

I’m not going to tell you that I support all types of vices, but I will tell you that when someone can finally find something to feel in control of it’s hard for just that one thing to be 100% healthy. Especially if it’s already hard to feel like you have no say in things in your life for so long. Then finally you find something that truly helps and that one thing happens to be something that is not socially acceptable or something so private they have no idea how to explain how or why that thing is helping.

Comment; What is your vice? What helps you cope with things? What do you think about vices?

xx Sheena xx


3 thoughts on “Vice

  1. Over the years I have had many of my own. Currently (and probably for decades now) mine is “retreat” I pull back and remove myself from the source of pain, discomfort or disrespect. Some may call it avoidance but I do not agree as I work hard to heal, forgive, overcome and become stronger without the bitterness that would be present if I simply avoided. I believe as a Woman (mature human) and as a Child of Christ (therefore embodied with the fruits of the Spirit & Agape Love) it is our moral and Spiritual responsibility to find resolves that heal ourselves (if not others) so that we may return to the Life Path intended for our Emotional, intellectual and Spiritual growth, Joy, Health, Fellowship and Peace… not remain stuck in the grip of immorality, fear, darkness or anger.. all destructive, all harmful.. mostly to ourselves.
    A vice is a stumble if we reconcile it, it’s a Boulder (brick wall) if we don’t.
    Not to suggest we can overcome over night but we should always be a work in progress ♡ IMO


  2. Chocolate a vice??? I’m staying away from it right now because I notice that it is my crutch under stress. There are a lot worse crutches, but I’m trying to figure out how to decrease stress without going straight for the chocolate!


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