What A Bold Topic As Love

I have been kind of putting off writing this post, today Reaper gave me this topic and I guess by now I’m ready to write it.

For this I am not just using my own words, I went about asking some hard questions to some friends and family.

An intense feeling of deep affection. – That is the definition google gives you.

I wouldn’t entirely disagree with that definition, but at the same time, I feel like you almost can’t say that is the whole “definition”. There is so much more to love than some stupid thing we say as a deep affection. I feel like you really can’t put a definition on love.

Sacrifice. Compromise. Lust. Admiration. Endless. Hero. Real. Forgiveness. Patience. Safe. Honesty. Natural High. Vibrancy. Home. Smiles. Peace. Music.

Sacrifice and Compromise would have to be two major pieces of a relationship that you claim to be love. Love, as were talking about, is hard, and this is why compromise and sacrifice come in. When you compromise on something little or big that the two of you disagree on, on both sides in some way you’re sacrificing something. Sacrifice, one person I talked to brought up the idea of college, giving up your first choice of school for your second choice, just to be closer to that person.

Lust and Admiration. This tends to be taken in the wrong way whenever someone says lust or brings up the idea of admiring someone. I am not talking just about sex, in fact, when I think about lusting, the first thought to cross my mind is the idea of lusting to be with that person, to be next to them. Admiring not only their physical features but everything about them physical and emotional. Soooo cliche, their personality. One of the biggest things I admire about my boyfriend brad is his personality, when I’m with him all I can do is just look at him and admire who he is.

Patience and Honesty. If it’s one thing I have learned in my relationship it’s to be patient. Patience is so hard sometimes, which is why I can never pray for patience because all God does is give you an opportunity to practice being patient. Honesty. This should automatically come with the idea of being in a relationship, it goes side by side with trust. Faithfulness and care for that person. I have no secrets from Bradford, we can tell each other everything, being honest and trusting each other should be something you guys always have.

I’m gonna shy away from the words I posted above now. Love is the little things, it’s more than a feeling it’s a choice, the option to pick someone to talk to and spend time with to get to know the person that they are. It’s knowing they have flaws and seeing them but loving them even more for the flaws that they have. Putting the other person before yourself even if you don’t want to. It’s showing them you care in all the small ways, giving up watching your favorite TV show to watch theirs, or giving her your jacket even when you’re cold. Love is more than just a saying, its an action, a commitment.

I don’t know everything, day by day I am still learning and day by day I am slowly figuring things out. I am happy to say that I have an amazing boyfriend, he makes me happy beyond belief and I couldnt imagine being in love withh anyone else. Our relationship is not perfect but we are slowly figuring it out, I want to say, though, that without christ relationships are hard, struggles appear constantly, and I know that not everyone will believe that, but that is something that I believe in. As well as something that I have learned.

What do you guys think of when you hear the word love?      What does it mean to you?   Tell me about your love, or things you have learned, I love hearing comments!

Thanks for reading guys! Please comment answers to those questions or your thoughts!      I hope you all are having a good day!

xx Sheena xx


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