Nothing lasts forever.

Today will turn to just a memory.

Tomorrow will never come because tomorrow always turns into today.

Stuck in a day dream.

So close, yet so far away.

I want you forever.

I want to write kind of a journal like post today:

State Academic Decathlon- The car ride-

I’m in this van full of people I hardly know, heck all I know is their names. One is my brother’s friend, five others; nothing.

There’s another vehicle full of people too, again I know nothing about them. Only one person that actually talks to me. I’m alone.

Brad and Reaper keep me busy messaging back home. I try taking my mind off of the speech I have to give tonight by writing this entry.  I’m only two hours from home. So close yet I’m so far away. All I want to do now is turn back.

I put myself in this position.

I got written up for getting help in a class. The only reason being I was missing 15min of another. But who cares. Fuck em. I did it to be in this van.

It feels like forever.

Bright side; I had a great night last night, Brad always knows how to make me smile.

Reaper reminds me of a promise we made to each other a while ago.

I plan to see her Saturday with ice cream and cigarettes. Long drives more talks.

I love these two. They’ve been keeping me going.

I remember.

Nothing lasts forever. We’re all dying. Slowly. Everyday. But I plan to make forever last as long as possible with them.
Thanks for reading today guys ❤

xx Sheena xx


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