Quick Write

Today I’m laughing my ass off.

Abby colored my ass with sharpie yesterday.  Haha what an awkward thing to say, yesterday I wore a pair of pants I didn’t realize had a hole in them showing my obviously blue underwear. With no change of clothes, she used a sharpie to color the hole black.

Guys, life is way to short to be serious all the time, you need to laugh and smile and have fun. What’s the point if you can’t find joy in the little things? Act like a child, be dumb, there’s a time for being serious and mature but there is also a time to act stupid and laugh. Enjoy life, have fun, don’t take everything so seriously, learn sarcasm, live a little!

Go out of your comfort zone, try something new, you might actually like it!

I don’t have some huge schpeel of advice tonight I really just want you guys to remember to smile!

You only live this life once, keyword this life.

Smile a little.

xx Sheena xx


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