I’m here!

Hey guys!

So I know I haven’t posted in a few days, whoops :/

Life is busy, so an update on just some things that have been going on, spring break is here! I’ve been busy and not at the same time, I guess a big reason is I have really hit writers block.. 

3/15/15 is the date I was asked out by my one and only love, Brad. So yesterday was two years of celebrating our love of eachother!

Went to Minnesota for my grandmas birthday last weekend! Took some pictures of my cousin which I can share later!

Started my new job on Tuesday! Thank god! I needed it :)))

So like I said, busy but at the same time I feel like I haven’t been! Relaxing before school starts up again so that takes some work.. kinda.. 😂 I’m hoping to get some things down on paper and write some good pieces, Reaper also needs to get home haha so she can help me clear my head for ideas!

So tell me what you guys have been up to! I would love to hear it! Comment about your day, week, month, heck your year!

Love you all❤️

xx Sheena xx


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