Lost Souls

You are a lost soul.

Going through life saying one thing, preaching at people, convincing and deceiving the world. Putting on a show for the people around you to see but never really showing them what your heart and soul look like. Do they know the real you? The person behind the closed doors of your house, or just the door of your bedroom. Are you the same person you are when you put your facade on?

I have forced myself to look beyond the facade, to look deeper within the people I surround myself with, tired of the fake, the lies and deceiving. It’s like turning tables, in one instant you are the person everyone around you looks up to but when that door closes behind you, you’re instantly or slowly the person the people are trying to run away from when they come to you as an escape.

You’re preaching at people! You are not having a conversation, you are simply pushing your beliefs and thoughts onto them, making them feel like if they do not agree with what you have to say or believe in what you are telling them hell is to pay. You of all people are not perfect so I wish that you would stop trying to act like it, stop trying to be someone that your not.  Now it’s like I am preaching to the choir. You are not God! You are simply to be a messenger to spread the good word of his grace, love, and mercy. So for you to put on a fake act and pretend like you are being the perfect son of god proves purely ungodly. The first commandment is that “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me”. So why are you trying to act as one?

It’s a lie. The church. Trying to be better than another one, thinking that the more people that attend the better, that two services are going to broaden your ability to reach more people. Are all the people in your church truly attending? Their physical body, maybe. But their souls? To realize that the church is hypocritical and one of the scariest places to be, purely because the of the lies the church puts out. The church used to be my safe place, along with others, but now? It’s like walking into a room full of judges that leave scars on your heart, you walk in and instantly want to walk out. It shouldn’t be that way, who are we to judge each other? They preach of the welcoming “family” we are, preach of the love and care that we give to each other, but it’s not true. I know of people that come and go, they come in happy, excited, and not even a year later they are gone, a ghost in the wind, and we don’t bat an eye.

What about the people that don’t attend on a regular basis? That maybe come once a month, once a year? Are they really any less a Christian than you?                                                                Do you know where you’re going when this body wears away when the people in this world forget about you? Are you going to live with your father?

I want to leave you guys with those questions circling in your head. Comments are always appreciated I always love reading what you guys have to say or what you’re thinking.

On my music page, you will find a song titled ‘Holy’ That song really goes with this piece and kind of will show you a lot of what I was trying to say in this piece as well.

xx Sheena xx



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