High School Steps


Play Is starting:) Let’s Have Fun Now!

High school is an unforgiving curse. An Amazing gift.


High school is an adventure not to be forgotten. A roller coaster you sometimes regret getting on.

High school is a battle not meant to be won. An obstacle course you eventually successfully get through to the end.

Freshman; It’s scary, you’re excited loud and obnoxious. You still have yet to find who you are before they define you as someone that you’re not. You haven’t even been in the building for more than 10 seconds and the upperclassmen already hate you. Some of you mature and the others… Well, let’s just say we know you aren’t ready yet.

Sophomores; Congratulations you made it to your second year. Still considered an underclassman but you’re slowly figuring it out. Some of you stuck in the stage between but you’re making a name for yourself, gathering the knowledge of how it is to be in these crowded halls and white walled classrooms. Drama fills your minds and right now it seems like everything going on is going to be the end of the world, but hold on its going to be alright.

Juniors; Still alive. Year three and you still yet have much to learn, but hey on the plus side you are no longer considered some stupid underclassman. The last two years have hopefully taught you a lot, you have finally learned of the things that truly go on in these walls, you’ve learned a lot about your fellow classmates surrounding you in class, hearing the drama and the gossip, thinking no way. Drama still surrounds you and sometimes you’re the one starting it, and now you are the one everyone doesn’t want to be around.

Seniors; All four years, a couple bumps and bruises but nothing too bad, life threw some really big punches your way. You dodged a couple, maybe you soaked ever last one up, or for some reason, you managed to miss every hit. Don’t worry they will get you at some point, life won’t leave you out. You’ve learned a lot, you’ve put some time in under your belt, most of you being smart though will know that this doesn’t end. This cycle. You’re going to be a freshman again next year, whether you’re joining the workforce or the college lifestyle, you’re a freshman again.

You learn a lot about life in these years and if you’re observant you learn kind of quickly. You see all of what we call the “popular” kids going through the hallways, smiling, laughing thinking they are the top dogs. What they don’t realize is the idea that once they leave this place they are no one anymore. No longer top dog. No longer the important ones. You learn that life is not just sunshine and rainbows, you know who you want to surround yourself with and who you’re going to keep around when you leave this place.

You may not have found out completely who you are, but right now you have a bigger clue for who you want to be in life. Be vigilant, don’t let someone make a name for you. Be yourself, live life the way you want, but don’t be afraid to take advice! Listen to your friends and family, don’t focus so much on yourself and what you want that you throw away everything that you already have, think of what you need. There is no way to run away from the struggles in life, so stand up and face them, everyone goes through different trials and down different paths, it’s just what you chose to do from those that make the life you’re living.

Life is not easy. Being a highschooler sucks. But soak it up while you can, because you’re going to miss this, you can’t go back in time. Enjoy what time you have left, don’t take it for granted or sulk in the bad things happening now, because once you’re out on your own, life just gets tougher. Have fun in high school, work out the bad things but don’t sit and not enjoy the good things either. Like I said, you only get to do this once, enjoy it.

xx Sheena xx




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