Some Stupid Teen Advice

I wrote a piece titled “Grow Up” and I want to sort of add to that and kind of shed some light into more meaning in that piece.

I have a best friend, 17, just a year younger than I am and some of you reading this may know instantly who I am talking about. She came to me today, a lot on her plate lately, life seems to be beating her down quite a bit recently. For a 17-year-old she has seen a lot, she has been through a lot and its molded her into an amazing young woman, that being said she still has a lot she needs to figure out. Today she heard something that she didn’t want to hear, not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not what she wanted. Her instant reaction and defense was to get mad and upset, to put up a wall with all these emotions running through her that instantly turned to a hate. Now, did she really hate? No. She was just upset, this was not what she wanted and not how she saw things going, but yet it happened anyway. She was afraid of a change that in the end would be good for her and the other people involved.

She told me she couldn’t wait to grow up, to move out and be 18 so she could get away and stop being treated like a child.

I want to share some advice that I shared with her to everyone else out there that may think these things too. Being 18 does NOT make you an adult. That’s a fact. Just because “legally” the law says you’re an adult does not mean anything. It does not mean that you are ready to be an adult in a maturity sense.

I will tell you that to be an adult is going to suck! All you teenagers out there are striving to get out as soon as you can and be an “adult”, but I guarantee that 95% of you are not ready to be out on your own! And why would you want to? Are you ready to pay bills and buy food and take care of yourself?

Enjoy high school and living with your parents while you can! No, it’s not going to last forever but you are going to miss it when you no longer have it! I have a lot of friends that are making their lives at home a living hell because all they do is focus on themselves, show little to no respect for their parents and are honestly being selfish little brats. Which is why you are being treated like a CHILD! They are pushing their parent’s limits, ignoring rules, doing things they know the shouldn’t be, sneaking behind their parent’s backs and trying to act like they are ready to be an adult when clearly they are not!

In order to get your parents respect and be seen as a mature young man/woman, you are going to have to prove that you are worthy of it! And guess what. You are still not going to get everything that you want! But why can’t you be happy with what you do have? Show your parents respect and kindness, they are giving you everything that they have to make your life as happy and great as possible, you are who they focus on the most!

I’m not saying this is the case in every single household, but again I’m saying this is the case in about 95% of homes. Stop acting like a child and you won’t be treated like one, don’t think that everything your parents do is for no reason. Because you know what? Usually, they are right and they have your best interest at heart. Whether you like it or not.

I won’t be sweet anymore with anyone, if you come to me for advice or for help, I’m done sugar coating, you’re going to get my dead honest and true opinion. I won’t lie and say that your parents are dumb when I know that your parents are the ones that have been giving you everything since day one. If you want to throw your life away like that then come to me for advice I won’t sit there and let you do it, you’re going to hear what I think and then you decide from there.

Comment thoughts, ideas, advice, thanks for reading guys!

xx Sheena xx



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