You Want Out

I want out.

That’s really all I hear

I want out

It’s like it’s running through your veins

I want out

Pushing and pushing not planning on stopping

I want out

You think everything they do is to torture you

I want out

You can’t wait till you turn 18

I want out

Things here suck

I want out

I hate them

I want out

They’re going to miss me when I’m gone

I want out


Do you ever think of anyone other than yourself? Honestly. You speak of how great things will be when you get out, but is it really going to be great? You’re sadly wrong. You’re throwing your life away and you don’t even know it. Grow up a bit and see the bigger picture, you have everything and now you’re losing it because of your selfish greed. They may miss you, but they wont feel sorry for you, you’re losing it all.

This post kinda goes with my last one, something that’s been on my mind I decided to turn it into a repetitive poem type thing. Thanks for reading guys:)

xx Sheena xx


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