Ashes Of Beuty

You are Beautiful. Oh, and yes I did mean to make the B in Beautiful capitalized because I want you to really focus on that word and believe me when I say it to you.

Hey guys, I’m so sorry that I have not been active for a while, things have been a little hectic, with work, and photo sessions things have been all up in the air. Life is moving forward even though sometimes we wish that it would just pause for a second to catch your breath and relax. So below are some photos from a senior session that I recently did, Allie made going out to take these so much fun, she has a very photogenic personality it was awesome!

What’s new??? I got a website finally! Go in and type

You can see sessions and things that I’m up to, new sessions and what I can do, you can contact me and set up your very own sessions! I’m very excited for this new adventure and opportunity that is in front of me, and very very grateful for the people that are helping and supporting me to make all this happen!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! New post ready to come out soon and I think its going to be something worth reading!

xx Sheena xx


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