Quick Write

Inhaling, exhaling, in and out my breath enters my lungs and leaves just as fast as it came in. Inflating them like a balloon and letting it go.

The words form in your head, but before you even think about the meaning behind them the are exiting your mouth. Being interpreted in many different ways and some not even what you intended but that’s how they were taken.

It’s a battle of the fittest, seeing who can out win, outwit, and outrun the other, trying to be better than the person that pissed you off or hurt you, or maybe just the person sitting next to you that you think you may not like without even giving them a chance.

You make the role in your life to be better than just one more person, and another and you say just one more but that’s not the reality.

You put your fists up ready to fight, that’s all you can think about, beating them in something to make yourself feel better for the shit they are somehow causing in your life.

In high school one person says something and for you, you think the world is ending, or to your friend and you’re instantly taking their side. It’s like a war starting, and all of a sudden all the people around you are fighting against each other because they heard things they didn’t like. But most the time you’re not hearing the whole story, you hear your friends side and that’s it.

A war inside a world they think is horrible now, and all you’re doing is making it worse for yourself. Becausit’sts only going to get more complicated.

I’m tired of drama and people treating others like shit, I want to be there for you guys who feel you have nobody to talk to, but I also want you to know that if you come talk to me I’m not picking sides. Everyone has reasons for what they say and do, so try hearing it from their side.

You guys are in high school, let’s act like it. Because all I see are children.

I’m sorry I haven’t been active lately life has been so busy, I started a new job and that on top of school, play and my business starting up life is a little crazy.

On the positive note go visit my website, guys!

Love you all.

xx Sheena xx


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