Misfit Strays;

“You were gold, but I’m colorblind.”

That’s probably one of a million quote’s I’ve heard and still will probably never remember which mastermind wrote such a thing. But its beautiful isn’t it? I thought so.

Pulp Fiction. Probably one of the most mind-scrambling and plain out twisted movies I’ve seen.
” I will carry out great vengeance on them and punish them in my wrath. Then they will know that I am the Lord, when I take vengeance on them.” – Ezekiel 25;17

Actor Samuel L. Jacksons quote from Pulp Fiction references this verse multiple times throughout the movie, and as I sat next to Reaper I realized just how bad ass God really is.

Reapers just one of many of us misfits in this house. Bringing us together as a messed up family that we’ve slowly created. We get along. Most the time. Otherwise its civility between rooms and broken doors of cracked words and twisted mind games.

Our lives weren’t always like this, we all led different lives just a few years ago. We never thought our paths would cross this far into each other. We had opinions of each other but we jumped the gun with opinions a long time ago.

The house doesn’t have much. Thanksgiving was given to us by a few families, donated food for our other family of misfits to eat a plentiful dinner, thankful for each other and the life we slowly dreamed into a reality for ourselves.

We’ve all strayed. Stories to tell, different experiences and underexposed tales of how we came to be here.

“Hubcaps and ashtrays I was born, but I wasn’t raised.” – The Strays; SWS
I guess you could say we are the strays.

Misfit Strays finding our paths in life with each other. A family isn’t defined by blood. I’ve come to learn that in the past year. So much came crashing down and the world around enclosed into a black hole of self-pity and despair. But it wasn’t to stay like that for very long,  because in no time I was surrounded by a family that may not like each other all the time but will always be there to pick you up and come together by the end of the night.

Blessed, are we. The misfit strays.


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