Hello lovely!

What’s an about me page? Don’t get me wrong if you ask me questions about myself I have no problem answering them, (which you can always feel free to do!) but i’m just hear to share thoughts and pictures, I don’t always like to just sit and talk about myself. But since this is supposed to be an about me page I guess thats what I will do.:) So about me?

  • Photography is one of my passions
  • I absolutely love to talk to people, and also one of my other passions
  • My dog is, and always will be my best friend:)
  • I have amazing friends, family and boyfriend!
  • And pizza rolls. That’s all I have to say about them.

I will be honest. I’m a very outgoing, giggly, wild person. I always love to do new things, and yet I still love to stick with old traditions. I live in town but every chance I get I always strive to be out on the farm.

Long drives with the windows down and music blaring clears my mind, the best part is when I have friends to go out and enjoy that with me. I love to talk and listen to others, it gives me a chance to really connect with people. Like I stated in the list above, that is definitely one of my favorite passions, I have always been and always will be a people person.

I wont drag this on any longer, thats just a tiny bit about me, you guys can always find out more about me through reading my blog posts, my honest favorite is, Hope.

Don’t be afraid to leave comments guys! You can also always message me at any time, I will always try my hardest to reply!